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Certainly many of the museums and public buildings are built out of this grey stone, which can sparkle brilliantly in the sunlight.

Marischal College, found in the heart of the city, is one of the more spectacular examples of this style of construction.

It’s open every day, see the official website for opening hours.

In Scotland, a mercat cross is used to denote that the city is allowed to hold a market and is erected in the location where the city market would take place.

Despite the name, it’s not actually in the shape of a cruciform, although the very early forms of the mercat cross would have had a cross at the Scotland, a mercat cross is usually topped with the national animal, a Royal Unicorn, and the mercat cross in Aberdeen is no different.

From our adventures, we’ve put together what we think is a good itinerary for 2 days in Aberdeen, covering many of our favourite highlights.

As well as all covering some of our favourite sights, we’ve also included some tips on getting around, where to stay and some of our favourite restaurants.

In medieval times and up to around the 19th century, a Tolbooth was a cities primary Town House or Town Hall, and it was used for carrying out civic functions including that of a court house, a jail, a punishment centre, and a council chamber.