Accomidating resistance

These seem to work fine and the only improvement you would have to consider if you tap into the community system is to install a cistern to store water, or drill your own well if funds are available, for back up.

There are some areas up the Upper Pack River Road just north of Sandpoint, that have very low producing wells (1/4 gallon per minute) on one side of the road and the other wells are at acceptable flow rates.

Be sure and check back each week for more detailed analysis of great safe places and check out Mr. In your assessment you need to consider many competing factors, including acceptable climate, distance to town and needed services, neighbors, physical safety from potential refugees and lawlessness, and how to do all this while maintaining your financial lifeline. Both Todd Savage and Nick Matthews of Survival Retreat Consulting (SRC) and I spend a lot of time with our separate consulting clients trying to balance out these conflicting needs of safety and security with location and convenience during good times.

For most people, having a full time residence/retreat close to a small or medium sized town satisfies most of their criteria.

Focus on what’s most important for you, your family and/or group.