Accomodating dietary needs connecticut

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There are two kinds of shellfish: crustacean (shrimp, crab and lobster) and mollusks (clams, mussels, oysters and scallops). It is also best to avoid all shellfish if there is an allergic reaction to any of them.

For more information on food allergies, please visit: Source: Religious Restrictions Be mindful of guests at events during times when people of certain religions are restricted from eating some foods or foods that are forbidden by some religions.

It is also wise to avoid milk from all other animals.

Egg Egg allergies are the second most common childhood allergy and most children will outgrow it.

All meal modifications for children without disabilities must comply with the CACFP meal patterns for children and all meal modifications for infants without disabilities must comply with the CACFP infant meal patterns.


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