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Chances are if you hit the gym regularly and people don't usually pick up on the fact that you like other guys...we'll get along just fine. enjoy mountain and road bike riding, kayaking, skiing, snow shoeing, and hiking. About Guys I Want To Meet: looking for similar age or younger, healthy guys who like to be in the outdoors and adventure. About Me: Leather Daddy/Slaver into weightlifting, motorcycling, sailing, travel, and computer games. Use the same moniker here as yahoo, yahoo messenger, and hotmail.

"Walk him or her through the experience as though it was occurring bit by bit and heap it up with succulent adjectives as well as nouns." Since men are visually focused, painting a mental picture will really get them turned on.

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"No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training..a ...

About Guys I Want To Meet: Mutual instinctive attraction. Seeking a self-confident partner with common sense, sound mind and personality, goal orientation, desire to excel, energy, humor, honesty, integrity and ability to chose friends well.

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