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Wayne Hays, D-Ohio, putting his mistress, Elizabeth Ray, on the U. Flynt made the call from his private jet, also carrying evangelist Ruth Carter Stapleton, sister of then-President Jimmy Carter. Thirteen years ago, Maxa got a call from Marketplace, a fledgling public radio business show. "After a year or two, people would come up to me, 'Wait a minute!

"They were both sobbing on the phone as their Learjet passed over Iowa. I know that voice.' It was like a wine expert trying to figure out which plot in Burgundy that pinot noir came from." Six years later, Maxa's popular segment was expanded to a weekly hourlong version of "The Savvy Traveler," which he hosted for four years.

American Express paid him $90,000 for an online travel column.

Groups asked him to speak and paid him fees of $5,000 to $10,000. She loves Maxa's love of adventure, his buoyant humor, his willingness to uproot himself in midlife, the constant surprise of his radio-perfect voice.

He owns a home in Bangkok, but has never lived there.


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