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"God, I love fucking your mouth," he said, gathering my hair into his hand so that he could better guide the movement and rhythm of my head over his lap. You know how I like it." "Mmmm," I mumbled around his cock, loving the feel of his hand pulling at my hair to control me. "If that's anybody other than Ed Mc Mahan telling me I've won the Clearing House Sweepstakes, I'm going to be really pissed." Daniel got up and zipped his trousers and went to the door. My husband gave a puzzled frown, and, realizing that she had probably never had a martini, proceeded to fix her a very dry gin martini with two olives. (Of course, I had every confidence that even though he used his good looks and the promise of his animal sexuality to get what he wanted, I was the only one with whom he actually carried out that promise.) Miss Conaway cleared her throat and straightened her spine. "I thought you had been going to a tanning salon," he said. Now go get the paddle, before I have to double your swats. As I left the room, I heard her say, "There's no need for her to give ME a dirty look. Get over my knee and assume the position." My husband patted one of his thighs with the paddle and I lowered myself gingerly across his strong legs. " blurted Miss Conaway, and I had to pretend to cough to cover my outburst of laughter. He had never lost count, in all the years he'd been spanking my ass. I even found myself wondering what her pussy would taste like.

I waited obediently by the couch, still on my knees, with my fingers crossed in the hopes that it was the one person I was expecting. The silence was broken only by the sound of my husband shaking the liquor and ice cubes in a steel mixing container. Beneath her thin cotton blouse, her nipples had hardened visibly and stuck out like two dried plums. "Sometimes I like to stay home so I can play the radio and listen for the phone-in case you call," I added subserviently. "Is there some problem with my wife sunbathing, Miss Conaway? I'm not the one who was exposing my titties to the neighborhood." When I returned with the paddle, my husband took it and asked, "Are you wearing panties, Brandi? I knew he would find out soon enough that I wasn't wearing any, but I wondered what it would cost me. Miss Conaway was sitting just across from my husband, and slightly to his right, so that she would be able to observe my bottom as it received its beating. " he asked, sliding the paddle up under my skirt and tapping the insides of my thighs. "You, see, Miss Conaway," Daniel stroked my bottom lightly with the paddle and again spoke to the lady seated nearby, whose face was flushed. It's a symbiotic relationship-my dominance, her submission-and we both receive a great amount of satisfaction from it." "Yes, I can understand that," said Miss Conaway, licking her lips greedily. She was so eager to see my sweet, sexy bottom punished. "Count them out and thank me for each one, Brandi." He landed the first one on my right cheek, just above the thigh.

My wish was granted when I heard my husband say, "Miss Conaway, come in." He ushered our neighbor into the living room and offered her a drink. I could feel Miss Conaway's cold stare, but I kept my eyes lowered, afraid that she might see the mischievous smile on my lips, that even now were swollen and shining with my husband's juices. My husband had surely not missed this-he was a keen observer of women's sexual responses. " "Yes-no-well, it wouldn't be a problem if she would wear appropriate attire." "I see." I could hear the amusement in his voice as he moved his hand to the other side of my neck and imperceptibly nudged that slender strap off my shoulder. Sometimes he spanked me for wearing panties; sometimes he spanked me for not wearing panties-it just depended on his mood. In turn, I would be able to peek out between the strands of my long hair and watch her face. I spread my legs wide, wondering if he was going to spank me through my skirt. " He punctuated his words with two scorching whacks on my butt, which was now feeling like fresh meat that had been through the tenderizer. "You see, when I punish Brandi, she knows that I'm doing it for her own good. " "Yes, sir," I moaned, wishing he would get on with the paddling and skip the play-by-play. She clasped her hands in her lap, but I knew that she was itching to get at my bottom with those smooth, delicate hands.

"I'll have a martini," she said icily, seating herself primly on the edge of a chair. To stoke the fire a little, he reached down and began to massage the back of my neck, fondling my bare shoulder until one thin strap of my sundress slid down off my shoulder, revealing more of the fleshy globe of my breast. "Are you aware that your wife goes sunbathing in the yard during the day while you are not at home? With both straps down around my arms, the fleshy tops of my breasts were plainly visible. Her breath was already becoming shallower as my husband began speaking to me in that soft gentle voice, the harbinger of painful pleasure. My question was answered when I felt a gentle tug on the hem of my dress, and the cool air wafting across my bare bottom as my husband exposed my firm round cheeks for Miss Conaway to see. I allowed myself a small sniffle before mewling, "Yes, sir." "Now, don't start whining, I haven't even spanked you yet." I swallowed hard and replied, "Yes, sir." "That's better. "Good." I couldn't see his face but in my mind's eye I could see his lascivious grin.

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