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Body markings on both arms & legs, done near the registration table prior to the race.

TEAMS-can be 2 or 3 person, and can be all male, all female or co-ed.

Swim-Bike Transition Time (T1) begins when you cross Swim Finish mat on beach when exiting water and ends when cross Bike Out mat exiting transition area BIKE: 15 miles - South of Wall Lake, 7.5 miles out and back on rolling hills, black top road.

The roads are not closed so watch for vehicles on the road. Bike In Transition Area will be the same location as Bike Out but will be divided by cones.

What is ethical; business ethics; ethical issues; ethics requirements; ethical responsibility; ethical standards; attorney ethics and professional responsibility; legal ethics; mandatory ethics CLE; ethics class; ethical businesses. Energy Systems, Inc.; mere congregation of a corporation's directors in same room does not necessarily result in a board meeting, and does not obviate the need for adherence to corporate bylaws and General Corporation Law. Haft; Under Delaware corporation law, an interest sufficient to support an irrevocable proxy must either be an interest in the stock itself or an interest in the corporation generally, such as being CEO. Shareholders Litigation; The fiduciary duty of loyalty requires directors and officers to offer investment opportunities derived from corporate business to the corporation before acting on them individually. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act; Connect the inferences fraud Rule 10b-5. Securities and Exchange Commission; Because investors rely on the reputation, integrity, independence, and expertise of an underwriter, the underwriter has a obligation to investigate and disclose material facts. Despite a claim of innocence, the fifth amendment protection against self-incrimination is available to all those who have reasonable cause to apprehend danger from a direct answer. Perjury; criminal defendant is not deprived of the effective assistance of counsel when his lawyer admonishes him not to give perjured testimony and threatens to disclose to the court any false testimony the defendant may give.


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    Police asked anyone with surveillance cameras at their homes to come forward with the footage on the chance it captured suspicious vehicles or people.

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