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"If he doesn't have the public trust to be lieutenant governor, obviously I think he's obviously disqualified to hold the highest position of power in the state of California," she said.

Republicans running for California governor already slammed Newsom and Villaraigosa, whose 20-year marriage also ended amid revelations of an affair with a TV reporter while he was mayor, for their "serious marital infidelities" at a debate last month.

As a versatile talk host and author, Ronn covers everything from politics to pop culture, and his show has been called the “ultimate town hall meeting.” Similar to KGO’s listenership, Ronn is unpredictable and has long been the voice of reason in the Bay Area, balancing issues so that listeners can make up their own minds.

As Ronn says, “I’m just like everybody else – I look at the world around me and comment on it.” Over the years, Ronn has won numerous awards and was inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in December 2007 and Chicago’s National Radio Hall of Fame in 2015. They have two daughters, Sarah and Laura, and live in San Francisco.

"We've got to be sending the message that the more power you have, the more responsibility you have to protect others." As mayor of San Francisco more than a decade ago, Newsom had an affair with one of his City Hall aides, who was also married to his campaign manager at the time.


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