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The cute couple was accompanied by her mom Jacqueline.

The 19-year-old starlet was seen playing team-building exercises with fellow class of 2013 freshmen.

Emma Watson has reportedly broken up with her boyfriend Jay Barrymore after two years of dating.

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The pair were linked after she attended a party with the Razorlight frontman in February.

Borrell is an old flame of American actress Kirsten Dunst.

This tweet made me laugh from @cupcakenar: "My dad made Emma Watson mad by taking a photo of her going inside the Financial Aid office at Brown.

London (ANI): British actress Emma Watson has rubbished rumours that she is dating Spanish rocker Rafael Cebrian. The 20-year-old actress was linked with Cebrian after she broke up with her long-term partner Jay Barrymore in March, reports The Daily Star.

Despite her success as an actress Miss Watson has pledged to continue her academic career following her current gap year.