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The few English-built twin keel boats that have found their way over to Canada and the U. have been a disappointment in our lighter wind conditions.

A word about the history of the design and development of bilge keelers.

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Yet these very same boats had to be perfectly at home sailing in the strong winds and rough waters of the North Sea and English Channel.

They quickly acquired a reputation as good cruisers as their shallow draft and seaworthiness are features at the top of any cruising man's list.

Too far forward or too far aft and the resistance will dramatically increase. The deep plunging of an ordinary hull is avoided by the stabilizing action of the fins which are also very effective in dampening out rolling motions.

The fins also provide a certain amount of lift to the stern at speed when the hull is upright.

This is demonstrated both by tank tests and full size yacht performance. Speed and fuel consumption under power are better then usual.