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Recent infidelity statistics suggest that in over ⅓ of marriages, one or both partners admit to cheating.We hope you’ll never end up with directly experiencing these infidelity statistics, but sometimes, it pays to understand the cold hard numbers - if only so you know where you stand.Just as technology lets people send flowers to a loved one from across the globe, technology also facilitates affairs, making them easier to hide than ever before.

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As many as 36% of men and women say that they've had an affair with someone they work with.

Somewhat surprisingly, 17% admit to having an affair with a sister-in-law or brother-in-law.

Sometimes it seems to be caused by sexual dissatisfaction or incompatibility.

Many men and women pursue extra-marital relationships because they want to enhance their sex lives.

For example, if someone is carrying on a text-based emotional affair with a person they met online, does that count as cheating? As technology advances, the lines become increasingly blurred.


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    If you see this option before getting in a private chat, it means the webcam model has to talk to you rather than texting during the chat.

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