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It's important to remember that we are always traveling into the future. This is why we remember the past (instead of "remembering" the future).The future is largely unpredictable, because it hasn't happened yet, but we are headed into it all the time.For the live cam industry , the equivalent of Oscars are the AW Awards .

All the AW AWARDS sponsors will be able to give honorific trophees to their partners or models during the EXEC awards .

Please check at the bottom of this page for the sponsorship packages to see how many trophees your sponsorship includes .

She will own the stage being the female host of AW-Awards 2017!

One of the most iconic figures of the Adult Industry, Thomas is well known for his top social skills and of course let’s not forget about the wooden bowties!

While the EXEC AWARDS will celebrate mostly the business side of our industry (categories such as Business Man of the Year , Founder / Entrepreneur , Marketing Executive , etc) , the AW AWARDS will celebrate mostly the performers , studios and the rest of the business and services .