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), but many women do, or have in the past samples the joys of Sapphism (A fancy word for Lesbianism).

Many of these women who now find themselves in stable relationships with their men indeed have no desires to unleash the bisexual beast in them! All you have to do is spend an evening at your local night club, and chances are you will see many women express more than rhythmic joy on the dance floor!

If you are a Cock Curious Heterosexual Man, then curious about another man’s cock, and want to see what it feels to play with one, without actually being with another man bisexual phone sex is the best answer! There are many aspects of bisexuality that we routinely talk about with our bi curious callers.

And to those who claim that “guys who say they’re bisexual are lying to themselves and are in fact on their way to being gay” I would just whip their large cock out of their pants for my cock curious boyfriend to suck on and then have said boyfriend fuck me silly afterwards. A husband who is “forced” by his wife to suck another man’s dick does it under “duress”.

In other words, if his wife didn’t instruct him to service the other man’s cock, he would never have done it.

And when I hear this argument from my callers, I always respond with the following question:”Forget for a moment that you might be bi-curious, does that mean that you wouldn’t find women sexually attractive anymore? Phone Sex is ideally suited to explore your bisexuality.

When men call our lines and tell us about their bisexual fantasies, they often choose a woman to share these fantasies with, particularly if they are just curious.

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