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Participants visit him in his East London distillery, set unearth a railway arch, and choose botanicals which they will use to craft their own gin — bottling, sealing and naming it is part of the fun.

They’ll sip gin and tonics while they work, and Mark will also relay the history of the spirit in London. Book through one-hour Landmarks of London tour, offered by Small Car Big City, puts travelers in an Instagrammable restored Mini Cooper.

The fast-paced excursion is an ideal way to catch a glimpse of many of the city’s most popular tourist attractions, including Buckingham Palace, Covent Garden, Downing Street, Westminster Abbey and at least a half-dozen more.

A guide does the driving while guests sit back and enjoy the ride. Book at )The four-hour Street Art Tour & Graffiti Workshop is also in the East End neighborhood.

Some were created in windowless areas so high up that only fragments of the vast paintings have been glimpsed with torches and binoculars.” “Knowing what career path he would follow, we look for foreshadowing of his future greatness.