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In other words, you are contrasting a typical stereotype, which makes you more intriguing immediately. Honestly, demonstrating attractive behavior is much easier than boosting your bank account, looks or status.

And if you have a big bank account, good looks and high status, you need less attractive behavior (but in that case, girls from Brazil would probably marry you for the wrong reasons.)* In fact, there are so many attractive girls everywhere in Brazil, so they don’t lack options in reality. Oftentimes, this is the reality of a hot girl in Brazil: her co-workers are hitting on her; her best friend’s dad is winking at her; her neighbor is masturbating while thinking about her.

There is also a large number of Brazilian women who prefer black men, as evidenced by their saying, “Once you go black, you can’t go back.” Many girls in Brazil know that black men are extremely good in bed, so they want to date black men.

But if you look like a Spanish or Italian guy, maybe local ladies in Brazil wouldn’t be too interested in you because they assume you are from Brazil (which means you aren’t someone new and exciting).

Hey, I'm Gabbi , I'm almost 20 y.o and I'm brazilian.. I only like white women above 1m65cm smart and nice to have a good conversation My twitter ^..

and I'll be in Ireland (Dublin) in July for a month studying English and I would like to have some friends to go to pubs, and maybe to sight see.. I just talk english, portugues and some spanish if you want to tell me for a possible relationship ...

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