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The type of plan defines where to measure the boundaries.

Boundaries for a building format plan are measured from the centre of walls, floors and ceilings.

It is the Committee’s responsibility to arrange, implement and monitor common property repairs and maintenance.

The Committee is literally waiting for the opportunity to make funds available.

Obviously some things don’t have the option of waiting, like a burst pipe or fire in the scheme.

The same rules will still apply with regard to determining who is responsible for the cost. the lot owner or the body corporate, will also be responsible for paying the insurance excess and any amounts not covered by the claim.

It is entirely possible that you, actually the majority of lot owners, can and will have very little involvement in the actual process of cleaning and maintaining the common property scheme.

The pipe in question, though it was located on common property, only serviced the one lot, therefore was that lot’s responsibility to repair.


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