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NOTE: in the pic on the left, I have my fan shroud and radiator separated for cleaning purposes.

This part is fun...removal of the power steering pump.

Cam 2 cam total free-87

We need to slide the AC condenser UP about 2 inches to dislodge the tabs and get the radiator free from its grasp.

This will take some cursing and a good light source so you can see the 4 slide in tabs I'm talking about.

Thunder Racing had this done to my set of heads for extra reliability. Drive it on ramps and chock the rear wheels with some wood/rocks/wheel chocks/whatever. Pop the hood and disconnect the ground cable going to the battery, and once the car is cool enough, remove the cap to the radiatorr.

Grab a bucket and place it under the petcock valve on the passenger side of the radiator. As the coolant drains into the bucket, continue on with the next step.

On non-TCS cars there will be an additional cable for cruise control that just slides off (look at it closely).


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