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Pisces man's tender romanticism, the mysterious image and beautiful tone of his voice will at once strike down a Taurus woman, quite on the spot.

Zodiac sign Pisces is very soft with refined manners.

According to the compatibility horoscope, the responsibility for maintaining the relationship in this union lies on the Pisces man: if he will be open to dialogue, and will want to change, make active efforts to build a life together, he will make a Taurus woman very happy. He's very "alpha" male, and he is extremely charismatic, charming, intelligent, protective, and romantic. I'm a Taurus girl, and I do not shy away from saying what's on my mind. He also has a tendancy to charge his mind at a drop of the hat.

His woman, watching his efforts, will make everything possible, or impossible, to save the marriage - she does not need a mama's boy, incapable of taking independent steps, but she would love the Pisces man, as an equal and consistent Partner in affairs to whom she can rely on in difficult times. My friends all say one never has to wonder where they stand with me. He will literally ignore me or accuse me of "smothering" if I send him more than one text a day.

Taurean woman here and yes Pisces men can be a puzzle but with patients it can work being a taurean and a woman I am quick on my feet Pisces men I think tends to make us slow down to take more life in they do take what seems like a lifetime to figure things out when trying to have a conversation that should take about 2.


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