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Theoretically, the deposition could occur much later than the building activity, after the Spring Tower had been constructed and was standing already for centuries.If so, the samples do not represent the construction time rather the time when the floods occurred.

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Courtesy of the Elad Foundation and Megalim Institute.) The question of United Monarchy is a bone of contention.

The lack of correlation between the biblical account of the United Monarchy and the very scant material evidence, was often explained by maximalist archaeologists by postulating that in the 10 century Jerusalem that integrates the Spring Tower and the Fortified Corridor with the city in which the Temple of Solomon occupies the Temple Mount (Fig. Thus, in the time that Jerusalem was ruled by the ‘founding fathers’ of the Davidic dynasty, the Gihon Spring was already heavily fortified by a renovated Canaanite complex.

In his forthcoming response-article in Tel-Aviv journal, Professor Ronny Reich dismisses the Iron Age II dating and criticizes the methodology of his successors: “the data presented by Regev et al.

[ Indeed, Reich has a few points that should be considered carefully.

While debates about the chronology of Jerusalem were surfacing since the beginning of the archaeological research in the city, this time the archaeologists used their ‘judgement day weapon’—Carbon-14.