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It can become difficult to continue improving and deepening your relationship. ” is important, but it does not tell the full story.Nor does it necessarily meet the need for deeper communication.Bob Prall, the local Campus Crusade director, took interest in me. This response does not answer all concerns (because He sometimes does intervene to thwart evil) but suggests that the problem of evil is not as great an intellectual obstacle to belief as some imagine.

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Even if you’ve known each other a long time, even if you assume you know the answer, ask anyway.

It’s good to hear what you already knew in your spouse’s words, and you may just be surprised.

How do you deal with questions and objections to faith that your friends may pose?

After years of marriage, you and your spouse know each other so well that it’s easy to get comfortable and forget there is still so much more to learn about one another.

How do you decide what can remain differences without jeopardizing the relationship?


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