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Now she is respected as a professional pornstar who is desired by all the major studios and costars for her can-do approach to nearly any kind of erotic entertainment.

Carter’s parents know what she does and they are surprisingly accepting, which because in one article Ms.

In fact, Carter wishes that she had been hazed more effectively as part of her sorority initiation according to an interview online, because she thought it was really hot to get bossed around by girls and male friends of the house, but she was disappointed when she learned that hazing was outlawed at her university.

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Later that same day she got her nipples pierced in case the opportunity came around again.

The other thing that led to Carter doing porn was that she was very interested in female sexuality, and so she ended up reading about that a lot and studying the workings of the porn industry as part of her core curriculum.

Carter has come a long way from her first scene getting comfortable in front of the cameras.

Allegedly she didn’t eat all day, and told one interviewer that she was physically shaking when her first scene started.

Her father is reportedly happy that she is independent and feels empowered by her career.