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As the configuration for DDNS in the Cisco IOS varies based on your method and provider, let me show you a basic configuration example: In this example, we used the command ip ddns update method .

This put us in DDNS-update-method configuration mode. After that, we typed in the URL for our DDNS provider.

” in the line, you must press Ctrl-V to allow for the question mark.

If you don’t, you will be prompted with IOS context-sensitive help information.

Hello, I have just a general question, and havent had any luck searching for the answer, any information or direction would be greatly appreciated, here are the details: Right now DHCP on our network is handled by a Catalyst switch 4506, but the problem is it is not updating our DNS, like as in a windows Active Directory Integration Zone. Is there a way/commands to have the Cisco switch update our Windows DNS server when a DHCP clients lease is up, or is released?


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