City sexxxxx xmobar updating

The new release 1 Million for men in a unique looking gold bar bottle.

City sexxxxx-19

Wear with caution lol Lets go back a few years shall we....?

Around 2008/2009 I remember the buzz and advertisements fo Paco Rabannes new big thing.

The cinnamon is still there and it has a tobacco-like smell to it.

This scent projects for about 2 to 3 hours on my skin which is one of the best performances I've had from an EDT. Wouldn't wear this anymore but smelling this once in awhile is still amazing.

The new bottle of 1 Million 18 carats is available in 100 ml and it can be re-filed with the perfume. I think many younger guys wear it on warm days or when they go clubbing, which really doesn't work well with 1 Million (despite the intended marketing of the scent).


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