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In 25 to 30% of cases the radiologic findings are atypical.In 5 to 10% of patients the chest radiograph is normal.Knowledge of both, the radiological and clinical appearance of these more common interstitial lung diseases, is therefore important for recognizing them in the daily practice and including them in the differential diagnosis.

If the alveoli and small airways fill with dense material, the lung is said to be consolidated.

It is important to be aware that consolidation does not always mean there is infection, and the small airways may fill with material other than pus (as in pneumonia), such as fluid (pulmonary oedema), blood (pulmonary haemorrhage), or cells (cancer).

In some of them the old names are used and in some the newer ones.

The 'mnemonic' for the first list is 'SHIT FACED' (alternative shaded fit).

Assess the lungs by comparing the upper, middle and lower lung zones on the left and right.


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