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Click below to read the scientific research that has inspired the Curious Learning Engine.

“Never again,” I’d decided after a nauseating speed dating experience three years ago. As a result, by the end I’d confused myself entirely as to who was who and had a banging headache, so I hastily ticked a few boxes on the scorecard before handing in my slip – only to regret the entire thing the next morning, when I emailed the organisers and asked them to remove my scorecard from the count. But in my defence, speed dating was a bit much for my 23-year-old self.

, another octet, this time for acoustic instruments (in fact the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players, led by Eduardo Leandro) is based on coy pairings in strange orgiastic combinations. In addition to the odd instrumental partnerships, the players have to vocalize mating chirrups in response to custom wristwatches supplied by the composer.

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Biting socio-political commentary has rarely been more foot-tapping.

Applebaum reached into his home storage space and fired up eight classic analog synths from the 80s that had been lying there.

In his latest assemblage, Speed Dating, five smartly absurd works (three of which deal with history in some wry fashion) are presented for your kind consideration (if not downright bemusement).

The album opens with a tip of the hat to pioneering soundpoet Charles Amirkhanian, who, in 1972, famously made a rhythmic tape piece (, he uses his own voice contrapuntally, ranting ever more hilariously about the injustices of the world today.

This is not ‘easy listening’, but its rewards are more than equal to the effort demanded of the listener – so, go listen!


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    For example, in this scene of battle between the demons and Rama's monkey army, the three-headed figure of the demon general Trisiras occurs in several places – perhaps most dramatically at the bottom left, where he is shown beheaded by Hanuman.

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