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Elka Spoerri, an art historian and curator who unlocked the riches of the art of Adolf Wolfli, died May 17 at her home in Bern, Switzerland. Wolfli," was a legend in the world of outsider art.

Spoerri, who sometimes jokingly referred to herself as "Mrs.

One hitch is that, although the deal is in escrow, the lender is requiring seismic work on the 88- year-old brick building.

Breed, who will have the engineers' report this week, says it could kill the deal if the cost is too high.

Since last year, the team of GM Richard Mosconi -- he also owns La Brasserie Francaise in the Embarcadero -- and chef Yves Garnier, who opened the Ritz Carlton Dining Room restaurant in 1991, guided Le Club.