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In all that time I've found several fake profiles but they are being removed if you report them.I have I met many women on Casual Dating4u but it takes a bit of effort and need to send a lot of messages.

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Not sure how it works in other countries but I met many willing women.

This and AFF are the only two sites which work for me.

Before I was a six month AFF member with pretty much same results.

Those sites work fine adn will get you laid if you work on your communication skills and if you are decent looking. I've been a member of Casual Dating4u for over 1 year.

I've been a member for several months and it worked good for me. I am 32 years old, single and most guys say that I am pretty damn sexy:))) My point: It is not hard for me to find someone using Casual Dating4u. Most of you guys write something like: ' Hey $#*! I am a member of Casual Dating4u for almost six months now and trust me: It is as exhausting for women as it is for men (just from a different perspective). Don't know problem some guys have and don't know what they expect.