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For a start, everything we do is apparently French, therefore charming.

If we happen to be wearing some sort of lipstick and have a haircut that’s not basically shaved or ridiculously long, we’ll get compared to Amelie Poulain.

All was good till my date confronted me about Finn the next day.

According to him, it was obvious we had a history – “it’s a mix between comfy and awkward, surprised and nervous, familiar and distant, yet close”. It was just amazing that the date was saved by his friends. DATE No.41 That week, I told Kurt that since I’ve tried importing Tinder dates from other countries, I wanted to export myself out to meet a dude.

I’ve never believed in turning up at a stranger’s home, but Mr 34 was a hot, young model from Bosnia. Well, I had been chatting with him on and off for about 2-3 years, deep conversations about life, had a whole circle of mutual friends.. So when he booty called while I was having drinks with Date No.25 (we were friends), I agreed to turn up at his doorstep (he lived down the road). When we got to meet for burgers, I swear the dude has gotta be at least 10 years older than his photos. DATE No.37 I have loads of mutual friends with German mixed Italian Mr 37 who ran his own business in KL. We texted for a whole 7 hours when we first matched and agreed to meet that week.


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