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Also following are links to the Rules & Bylaws page that describe the Terms and Conditions of each Award.

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The topic should be of interest to both professional and amateur audiences.

The lecturer shall be encouraged to present one or more support lectures at each centre with a university earth science department plus any other activity which he or she considers appropriate.

Rules and guidelines for the S H Wilson Prize can be accessed here and the application template here. In Fraser R., International symposium on the oceanography of the South Pacific: Wellington 1972. Paleoenvironmental evolution of major ocean/climate systems in the southwestern Pacific. Merit Posters: Naomi Matthews (Canterbury) and Rose Turnbull (Canterbury) Best Oral: Ruth Wightman (Victoria).

Some information about Stuart Wilson is included here. High resolution seismic data and seismic stratigraphy methods to characterise complex and poorly understood submarine canyon processes. Merit Oral: Rachel Crimp (Massey), Samuel Marx (U Queensland), Cathy Joanne (U Nice, France) Best Poster: Jeremy Cole-Baker (Waikato).

These should be emailed to the Awards Subcommittee chairperson given on the individual nomination forms.