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The latter will have several children, including Antoine Sanguin, who inherits from Meudon and thus bears the title of lord of Meudon.The latter marries Marie Simon, and dies on 18 October 1500.

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The whole is similar to the works that are undertaken at the Marchais Castle, then owned by Nicolas de Longueval, Count of Bossut, Superintendent of Finance of Francois , Governor of Champagne and Brie , And who belonged to the first circle of the Duchesse d'Etampes.

The same architect, still unknown to date, had to carry out the works of expansion of Meudon, those of Marchais as well as those of the castle of Sissonne, neighbor of this Last, which is also of the same style.

A triumphal arch is also built in the center of the fence wall, serving as a majestic entrance to the courtyard on the entrance side.

François made a long stay in Meudon, from July 11, 1537 to the following August 5th.

Ideally located between Paris and Versailles, in the heart of an abundant hunting reserve, enjoying an ideal topography for vast gardens, it has been sumptuously arranged by its successive owners, from the Renaissance until the fall Of the Second Empire.