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You call this thinking ''traditional'' as it applies to you and he might call it ''modern'' as it applies to him.

He thinks you are a business owner like his ex, which served him well financially once before and you thought he was rich and supports his ex, not the other way around. He will be just as disappointed in you not owning your business as you are in him right now. Even before you reached the part where you learned he lied about being self-supporting, I got the vibe that he is conning you.

I'm also not comfortable thinking about a future with Mike.

We have a great time together, but knowing that he has the kind of life he has thanks to his ex, it seems like a bleak future for me as the child support will eventually go away. Should I end it with Mike because he is not who he really claims he is?

He's telling you stories [lying] to you] of how he acquired his wealth.


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    If you tell her that her behavior toward you is abusive, she’ll most likely turn it around on you (DARVO—Deny, attack and reverse victim order) and accuse you of being the abuser. Imagine if you and your wife or girlfriend could switch genders. DV shelters don’t tell an abused woman to have empathy for her male abuser and to try to understand his feelings and point of view. If your wife or girlfriend engages in physical violence toward you, it’s abuse, it’s domestic violence and it’s a crime. Violence is not different when a woman perpetrates it; it’s still violence.

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    Dawk Ziti, well known from his accounts of encounters with real Russian Women he meets online. "I'm a very lucky guy in that Elya was the one who travelled all the way to meet me.

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    I love kids, and being a Stay at home mum, I'm very independent and strong willed.i want to go camping more, enjoy getting out and... I'm not perfect but I'm honest respectful hardworking and can look after myself and my family.