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Rights details should be carried in PR.21 (ONIX 2.1) OR P.21 (ONIX 3.0) as usual In the US and Canada, a book that is published primarily for use by students in school or college education as a basis for study.

Textbooks published for the elementary and secondary school markets are generally purchased by school districts for the use of students.

The pack may be split and retailed as separate items OR retailed as a single item.

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If the translator has also provided a commentary on the work itself, codes B06 and A21 should be used A digital product that, at the time of publication, has or had no print counterpart and that is or was not expected to have a print counterpart for a reasonable time (recommended at least 30 days following publication)Where a text is available in both student and teacher’s editions; use also for instructor’s or leader’s editions, and for editions intended exclusively for educators where no specific student edition is available The highest-numbered page in a single numbered sequence of main content, usually the highest Arabic-numbered page in a book; or, for books without page numbers or (rarely) with multiple numbered sequences of main content, the total number of pages that carry the main content of the book.

Note that this may include numbered but otherwise blank pages (eg pages inserted to ensure chapters start on a recto page) and may exclude unnumbered (but contentful) pages such as those in inserts/plate sections.

It should exclude pages of back matter (eg any index) even when their numbering sequence continues from the main content.

Either this or the Content Page count is the preferred page count for most books for the general reader.

The assigned ISBN is taken from the publisher’s ISBN prefix Downstream provider of e-publication format conversion services (who might also be a distributor or retailer of the converted e-publication), supplying metadata on behalf of the publisher.


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