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Post you’ll like: One Small Way to Invest In Yourself and Your Business That Will Yield Big Results Laura Simms’ Create as Folk is a home base for purpose-driven people.

She helps readers explore meaning, money, identity, contribution, and self-expression in the quest for a career that feels like home.

Post you’ll like: 317 Power Words That’ll Instantly Make You a Better Writer Even if Penelope’s out-there advice isn’t immediately applicable to your career or life, study her style as a stellar example of how to grow a blog community.

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I travel a lot with my work, and so my time is precious.

I like that the site is secure and the people I meet on it understand my world.

Sophie Lizard offers paid guest posting opportunities, fun group mentoring sessions and a range of useful free resources.

There’s also The Freelance Blogger’s Client Hunting Masterclass for bloggers who want to win higher-paying clients.

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