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Almost from the first time the theatre regular stepped into the Tardis, he's been showered with accolades of all shapes and sizes for his cheeky take on the role.

He's been named the coolest character on TV, the most powerful actor and the sexiest man in the universe, not to mention Doctor Who's best ever leading man.

David Tennant's mother passed away in 2007, but he is close to his father. There won't be any series in 2009 as he is taking time out to tour with the Royal Shakespear Company.

He has an older brother and an older sister, and five nieces and nephews. There are rumours that he will regenerate into a new doctor near the end of series 5 though, which I hope isn't true :)David Tennant will be leaving because he wants someone else to have a go at being the Doctor, And as some people know Matt Smith will be the doctor in 2010 after several specials.

I know these are pretty rubbish if you don't live in London or Wales, but they are the best I can do.