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The Rollagas shape of lighter is Dunhill's oldest and most popular design.

Classic flint roll-bar ignition powers each brass cased lighter.

Butane operated, the soft yellow flame emitted is warm and steady.

Do I need a special nozzle for this lighter or do I need to use Dunhill butane ?? You take the butane bottle, you put it into the nozzle so that the needle is inside the tip of the refill and press the bottle against the lighter a couple times. Thanks for the help so far but I now have another problem.

The flame is WAY too high and I cant figure out why.

There's also another possibility, which is actually quite probable.

Since you said you found the lighter I guess it has been lying in a drawer for some time. Unfortunately most lighters are pretty delicate, sometimes just using butane that is not purified enough can damage the lighter.

I bleed all of my gas lighters every time they need to be refilled. I had a high school teacher like that but that's another story. Use something like an adapter, like Dave said, or the tip of a ball point pen and depress the fill valve several times and listen carefully.