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Basic claims include literary works, visual arts works, performing arts works, sound recordings, motion pictures, single serial issues, groups of serial issues and groups of newspaper/newsletter issues.At this time, the following types of registration are not available in e CO: renewals, corrections, mask works, vessel hulls, groups of database updates, and groups of contributions to periodicals.For information about registering these types, see the Copyright Office website.

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The following classes of works may be registered in e CO with electronic deposit copies: All other classes of works may be registered via e CO (application and fee payment) but require hard copies of the work(s) being registered. The e CO System has been confirmed for use with the Firefox browser on the Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system.

Other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Netscape (as well as out-of-date browsers) may work but potentially could show less than optimal behavior when used with the e CO system.

Environmentalism, being eco-conscious, and everything that pertains to reducing your carbon footprint through green living is a very hot topic right now.

And, for those who care enough about the planet, where we are at with global warming and who are just plain concerned about the future, it should be a hot topic.

And, if you aren't necessarily looking for romance (though it could happen anyway, you never know), simply connect with those who just want to say hello, and exchange ideas, information, and just get to know you. Monthly informal meeting session for those in the environmental field, and numerous chapters world-wide.