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When a blast rips through the crowd, killing three people and injuring scores of others, Jeff goes from being an ordinary working-class 27-year-old to a double amputee fighting for his life.

As Boston and the world reel in shock and anger, a photo of Jeff being carried from the blast site becomes an iconic image of the attack.

Complicating matters are one of her father's ex-students, who wants to search through his papers, and her estranged sister, who shows up to help settle his affairs.

Director: John Madden In the late 1960s/early 1970s, a San Francisco cartoonist becomes an amateur detective obsessed with tracking down the Zodiac Killer, an unidentified individual who terrorizes Northern California with a killing spree.

S marine sniper who struggles to cope with the possibility his girlfriend may be cheating on him back home.


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