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The outfit, they say, is nothing more than a high-priced online prostitution ring. Client 9, the document alleges, agreed to pay thousands of dollars for Kristen's time and expenses, including a room at the posh Mayflower Hotel, minibar charges, room service and a train ticket from New York.

Emperors Club VIP has now been thrust into the spotlight on account of one alleged customer in particular: a man the FBI designated as "Client 9" but who the New York Times, citing two law enforcement sources, claims is New York Gov. When he was informed by the booker that Kristen was on her way that evening, Client 9 supposedly replied, "Great, okay, wonderful."The Emperors Club apparently targeted the most elite stratum of customers.

13—the same day Spitzer traveled to Washington to testify before Congress on the state of the bond insurance industry.

Given Spitzer's fearsome image as a crusading reformer—and the lengthy list of enemies he built up along the way—prosecutors may not be inclined to treat him mercifully.

Under federal law, transporting an individual across states lines for purposes of prostitution is punishable by up to 10 years in prison (though johns rarely, if ever, receive a sentence that severe).


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    Following their arrival in the New World, Spanish Jesuit missionaries learned from indigenous Indian tribes of a medicinal bark used for the treatment of fevers.

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    The photo scavenger hunt was so much fun – these active date ideas were really unique, and some tasks made us laugh pretty dang hard. Always a good thing.) It’s fun to do something on the more active side with my wife, and it was really easy to put together because everything was already planned.”“It was fun to do something out of the norm.

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    He had graduated from college two months earlier, so we were both in the workforce fulltime.

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