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While Columnaris being only aerobic (preferring high oxygen environments) can occur in tanks with good filtration/circulation, however it is common in a tank with poor Redox/mineralization, overcrowding, high temperatures, and stress (such as an aggressive fish tank where many inhabitants are constantly bullying others).As well weak genetics from in-bred fish (as with many Guppies and Bettas) or fish such as "feeder" or "carnival" goldfish that are often permanently damaged for early life crowding are also often at risk for Columnaris infections.

Brandon Zeoli of Hillsborough with his catch of a brown trout. And thank you Brandon for adhering to proper catch and release techniques by using a rubber landing net. For more information on the NH State Record or Trophy Fish programs, contact Fisheries Biologist John Viar at (603) 744-5470 or [email protected]

Learn more about proper catch and release techniques.

..gosh, when you catch and release such a gorgeous fish, you just have to show someone! New Hampshire has two opportunities to compete for "largest fish" caught in state waters -- the NH State Record and Trophy Fish programs. By entering, you provide valuable information for fisheries biologists. Just about every year at least one new record is set. NH Trophy Fish Program Fish and Game’s Trophy Fish Program provides recognition for the largest fish -- both kept and released -- in 21 freshwater categories and 7 saltwater categories. Just for entering a qualifying fish, the angler receives either a "Kept" or a "Released" Trophy Fish patch.

And it doesn’t hurt that, just once in a while, you beat out your best buddy or that talk-a-lot uncle who tells you how they did it back in the day. NH State Record Fish The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department maintains a listing of State Record fish, dating back to 1911 when A. If you are 4 or 104 – everyone has the same opportunity for a little well-deserved recognition. Each February the entries for the previous year are reviewed and the largest in each category will receive a special certificate recognizing the angler and his or her fish.

This is why the often recommended Erythromycin is a strange choice of treatment as it is rarely effective for either Fungus of Columnaris.


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