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Paddock had huge problems interacting with people, they said, and appeared disconnected and aloof from those that he met.He also had trouble developing meaningful relationships with people, investigators believe.

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'However, at that point investigators didn't believe that he was sufficiently troubled to explain why he would kill 58 people and himself, and injure 489 more.

While an actual motive for the killing remains out of investigators' reach, they are narrowing in on the possible psychological effects that may have led to it.

The FBI and local police returned to the scene to collect and photograph more evidence, Mesquite Police Chief Troy Tanner told ABC News.

The realization that Paddock may have suffered from an illness has grown as investigators have spoken to hundreds of people who knew or met him in the past year.

No advertisers have pulled their money from the network, the source explained, but have simply moved from to other programs on Fox News.