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We went out and had a bite to eat at a nice Chinese restaurant.

Of course, I said “yes”, while not knowing for sure if I understood her well enough about what she was referring to.

After about 5 seconds it was very clear that she was really talking about me having a Filipina girl threesome with her two sisters right here and now.

Really though, two pussies at once is a great time to be had regardless of which one looks better, right? She noticed me following her and was quite surprised by my actions.

June 16, 2012 | Categories: Videos | Tags: Angeles City, Blowjob, Busty Filipina Girl, Cute Filipina Girl, Filipina DInner Date, Fondling, Hardcore Filipina Sex, Meeting my Filipina Girls, Petite / Skinny, Philippine Sex Vacation | 2 Comments » WANT TO SEE MY WHOLE PRIVATE VIDEO? I went to Clark air base today to do some shopping for food and drink. She does seem like a woman who is used to a man’s attention though and kept her distance.

June 27, 2012 | Categories: Videos | Tags: Angeles City, Blowjob, Cute Filipina Girl, Doggiestyle Fucking, Filipina Teen, Hardcore Filipina Sex, Homemade Filipina Sex, My Filipina Girlfriend, Petite / Skinny, Philippine Sex Vacation, Shaved Pussy | Leave A Comment » I went on a date with two twin Filipina girls today and they showed up right on time.


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    He's not looking to hook up though, he's spending time with the moms to discover everything he can about their daughters.