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In the process, the film delivers a thought-provoking meditation on the changing dynamic between humans and machines, and encourages us to consider our own relationship with technology, old and new, as the digital age's emphasis on speed and convenience redefines who's serving whom, human or machine?

Join us for this special screening followed by a Q&A with Doug Nichol, the film’s director and Jeremy Mayer, a sculptor who uses typewriter parts to create life-size human figures. A computer pioneer once told Steve Jobs, “You can’t really understand what’s going on now unless you understand what came before.” In this workshop, participants will explore important innovations in computer history to help them imagine and design technologies for the future.

How do a founder and a funder take an idea and build a pioneering company?

Before there was Uber or Airbnb, Task Rabbit helped birth the sharing economy.

A technologist turned venture capitalist, Ann took an early bet on Task Rabbit then served on the firm’s board for many years.


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