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Subway was founded in 1965 by founder and former CEO Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. In 2017, the case was settled: Subway agreed to institute practices to ensure its footlongs are actually 12 inches and paid 0,000 in legal fees and 0 to each of the 10 individuals who filed suit. Today, there are almost 45,000 Subway restaurants in 112 countries worldwide.The first restaurant was called Pete’s Super Submarines and was located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. The duo wanted to expand more quickly, so they began to franchise. It is the largest single restaurant chain in the world.

Service and Sandwich were fine but unacceptably slow.

Reply The ONLINE SUBWAY JOB APPLCATION is horrible to use.

I have been turned away from many restaurants who would not stray from the established menu.

He made me feel like a valued customer and not just someone making a impossible request.

He was unhappy with the taste of footlong meatball sub (I was appalled when the employee behind the counter opened the sandwhich and inspected it! They told him since there was no hair in his food they could not replace his sandwhich with a different type he had to have the same type of sandwhich.