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Estrogen dominance and the liver are very closely linked because the liver is where excess estrogen will get detoxified and swept out of the body via the bowel.

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So as I just said that DIM helps your liver to detoxify bad estrogens, a good liver supplement will also help this process along. I tried that, and it was a horrible, horrible experience, so I can’t say I really recommend it even though some people do get pretty great results with it. Also – the liver is a big reason that improving your lifestyle will improve hormonal acne – the fewer toxins that it has to sift through, the better it can detoxify the hormones.

Alexis recommends milk thistle for this purpose, but there are other ones too (also, don’t take milk thistle if you have a ragweed allergy).

Of course, in the end that only makes things worse by causing stress. thanks in big part to Fran Kerr and Alexis Smart (the lady who posted about vitex, burdock, and milk thistle), my own experience, and a few other smatterings of info that have come on my radar lately, I’ve come to a few realizations that can really help the ladies out there struggling with the hormonal acne.

It seems like hormonal acne just needs a little helper to get things back on track, and that can be either of these two supplements or taking them both.

This type of acne is usually caused by something called estrogen dominance, where your estrogen and progesterone are not in balance, usually due to having high ‘bad estrogens’ (which we accumulate from the environment from things like plastic).


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