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A little known fact is that the very popular King's Pattern (standardized as the US Navy's official silverware), was the ONLY silverplated flatware design made in America at the time (ca late 1880's) which had almost every conceivable flatware and serving piece.This "King's Design" which was first introduced in the late 1880's (and still produced through the 1960's) by every major silverware manufacturer in the United States and it was truly America's first world-class silverplated flatware offering rivaling anything from Europe.

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It is anecdotal that the US Navy had a very large influence over the design, pattern, and the various pieces to be produced using the "King's Pattern".

Just like today, due to its popularity the King's Pattern was de-militarized and copied by other leading silverware manufacturers for commercial mass production.

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It is also believed to be the US Navy in adopting the King's Design (sometimes known as the Seashell Pattern) that insisted upon the silverware manufacturer's to produce an entire and complete placesetting of the many Navy Forks, Navy Knives and Navy Spoons used for very formal "Head's of State Dinners".