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However, these are mere speculations and we are not really sure about it. According to the latest update i Phone 7 is going to be integrated with hexa core A10 processor which is going to boost the performance of the gadget by manifold times.The i Phone 6s model is powered by a dual core processor and the flagship smartphones from other brands is integrated with quad core processor.However, our close observation reveals that Apple prefers launching their product on Tuesdays.

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Therefore, whether or not i Phone 7 is going to come with a hexa core processor is a big question to us.

If it turns out to be true, then Apple is definitely going to create a bench mark in terms of the processor.

i Phone 5c and 5s were launched on 10 September(2013), i Phone 6 and 6 Plus were launched on 9 September(2014) and i Phone 6s and 6s Plus were launched on 9 September, 2015.

Therefore, we are expecting Apple to maintain this tradition next year as well.

I initially had to manually configure my Wifi network on my i Phone because I wasn’t broadcasting my SSID and my network wasn’t being picked up.