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Mission The Japanese American Association of New York, also known as “JAA” is celebrating its 110th year of providing services to our community in 2017-2018.

For those wishing to donate funds, JAA is collecting donations – please indicate “Kyushu Earthquake Relief” in the memo line of your check or message/purpose section of any Pay Pal wire payment. All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. A concert titled "Ako and Takarazuka OG and Friends" was held on September 8th, and proceeds of $3,000 were added to the Fund.

To select the appropriate recipients, JAA is contacting NPO organizations in Kumamoto and Oita where some people still live away from their damaged homes and fear continued earthquakes. A.) We had two sessions of programs, 12pm and 4pm with over 100 participants at each program which featured music and traditional food from Kyushu. Mina Kondo who led a great team of hard working volunteers from Kyushu no kai and to the following artists who donated their time and wonderful talent to this event: AK, singer, Gohei Nishikawa, pianist, Manami Hattori, Soprano, Migiwa Miyajima, Jazz pianist and Marina Iwao, pianist.

We are very excited to host a new year of activities, programs and events for our community - not just for seniors but for our next generation!


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