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I love her name :-)" Other celebs to welcome Blue to the world, include Russell Simmons, Rihanna, Tyrese, Solange and P. Do you think Jay was thinking of Blu when choosing the baby's name?

Jay-Z is one of the most talented musical artists around, and has inspired countless others to pursue their passion.

The different women whose names come up when you mention Jay-Z will astound you, but that just makes it all the more necessary that you check it out to the very end!

That is why we compiled this list of The 20 Hottest Women Jay-Z Has Been With, because the talented musician has a history of dating talented ladies.

She coos, "Just for the record I have a major crush on Jay-Z. I don't care who he is dating - I've always had a crush on him." Blu adds of rumours she and the New York native already had a sexual relationship in the past, "All I know is that we've hung out a couple of times and that we're friends and that's it.