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It is rare that a personality of a stature in the Muslim world comparable to the Grand Mufti is capable of ad- dressing such disparate and varied audiences.

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It is with the goal of amplifying these latter voices in mind that this volume presents a collection of public interventions made by the current Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr Ali Gomaa.

The Grand Mufti has been a consistent voice arguing for a deter- mined and concerted effort to promote friendly relations between civ- ilizations, religious traditions, and various sectors of society.

His out- spoken criticism on personalities who find in everything a justification for further hatred and violence has led to a broader critique of the in- filtration of these puritan trends into Egypt, and the Muslim commu- nity at large.

But rather than just point to the problem, the Mufti has pinpointed its causes - including the proliferation of satellite chan- nels, the pervasiveness of the internet and the deterioration of Muslim authority structures - and suggested remedies - such as the develop- ment of a greater presence on such media on the part of the legitimate inheritors of the Muslim tradition.

Furthermore, Dr Gomaa is an active participant in a number of fo- rums devoted to building bridges within communities.


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