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[Indef] Eat Mc Donalds till my heart clogs Crush Vicodin and sniff it through a drink straw Let it sink till my sanity stops Then order a hundred candy bars and chips through pink dot And cruise the Gaza Strip in a T-top And let 'em all have it, man we won't stop I'mma shoot you in the stomach till your shit drops John Ritter syndrome, make your heart stop [Talking] Okay fellas, what I'm about to tell you is top secret For years Adam Sandler has been foolin' America into believing all Jews are friendly If Adam Sandler makes one more movie, everyone will become Jewish Your first mission is to find Adam Sandler and destroy him.

Pyramid enthusiast and stabbing expert Ben Carson is already being mentioned as a possible Health and Human Services chief.

Rudy Giuliani, probably too unhinged by now for even a People's Court reboot, might be attorney general.

Outside the Trump Tower in Manhattan, a man in the telltale red Make America Great Again hat taps me on the shoulder."You press?

" he says, looking at a set of lanyards around my neck. Matt Taibbi on the Fury and Failure of Donald Trump Win, lose or drop out, the Republican nominee has laid waste to the American political system.

God only knows who might end up being Supreme Court nominees; we can only hope they turn out to be lawyers, or at least people who played lawyers onscreen.


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    Our team hails from a hugely diverse set of backgrounds — Perry was working as a waiter at Diner when he met Yancey, most of our engineers studied liberal arts (myself included — Philosophy), and our community team is made up of former and current projectionists, radio hosts, teachers, funeral directors, chefs, photographers, dungeon masters, artists, musicians, and hardware hackers.